About PBA Canada

The PBA Society of Canada, formerly the Registered Professional Accountants' Association

Personal Taxes


About The Efile

Corporate Tax Returns (T2s) and Financial Statements can be prepared based on bookkeeping provided by corporate directors.


We do payroll for Home Care workers and Behavioral Aides funded through eastern health. 
​We also do payroll for privately funded domestic employers and small businesses.

Our membership consists of professionals and fully represents the Efile industry: from sole proprietors to large nationwide firms.  EAC/ATC members account for over one-third of all EFILED T1s in Canada.

Corporate Taxes

Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, we are making changes to keep you and our staff safe. You can stay up to date with us by checking here or our Facebook page. 


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With over 30 years experience we can tackle any situation you may have, and can guide you with sound proven advice.

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